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Anna's Testimony:


“When I came to CU as an exchange student from China, I was really struggling mentally. My life was all about being perfect which led into depression and an eating disorder. During the first week of my first semester at CU, I met a minister with Resurrection Church. She shared her testimony with me. I was deeply touched, and I began to cry because I knew I needed Jesus. Since then I decided to follow Jesus, and He has given me strength, peace and joy beyond comprehension.

The next summer I went back to China to see my parents. My mom was so amazed at how the Lord changed me into a different person. She was extremely grateful for the Lord and made a decision to follow Jesus. After having witnessed how the Lord led me through all the blessings, trials and difficulties in these years, my dad, who once believed there is no God, started to realize that God really exists and is good. He started to follow Jesus. This summer my husband Andrew and I got married. My parents came out from China for the wedding and during their time here in Boulder, they both got baptised. It was amazing to be apart of this and I just cannot be more thankful for the Lord who saved me and my family.”

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