Resurrection Church

Finding Hope

I was born outside of Boston, and at a very young age I became the first person to be diagnosed with a genetic disorder called delta-6 desaturase deficiency which caused several serious medical issues throughout my childhood, including a significant visual impairment. I grew up attending Church fairly regularly and hearing about God often, but struggled truly believing in Him. As a teenager, I sank into deep loneliness, hopelessness and despair. I thought that if I got away to where nobody knew me, I could change everything about myself and finally be happy, so I came to Boulder. It didn’t take long for me to realize that as much as I tried, I could not simply walk away from the depression I had fallen into.

Halfway through my freshman year, a friend invited me to Church. At that point I had no idea if I even believed in God, but was so lost and desperate that I needed to see if there was anything real there, so I went. Not long after, I was talking with the same friend about my medical issues and the challenges I’d encountered because of them. She asked if she could pray for me and ask God to heal me. I said sure, but did not believe that anything would change.

The next morning, I had a text on my phone. I was shocked when I realized that I could read it without the giant magnifier that I’d needed to read texts. I began to connect the dots, that my friend had prayed for healing, and even though I hadn’t considered for a moment that God could heal me, I could not deny that He had. The Lord began to break through the walls of rejection, fear and shame that I’d built around my heart, showing me that He cared about me, because He loved me. He knew that something that may seem insignificant to so many, like being able to read words on a screen, was so incredibly significant to me. It began to become clear to me that I’d been fighting so hard to make my life what I thought it needed to be without even considering what God had planned for me. That day I decided to stop fighting and to give everything I was and ever would be to Jesus. From that day He took my broken life and began to make it whole. He has continued to heal me physically, but what has become far more significant to me is that He has healed my spirit and my soul. I am living the life He created me for, and it is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Not because of who I am or anything I’ve ever done, but because the creator of the universe and the savior of the world loves me.