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Church services in Kobe, Japan


I’ve thought it too: “I can’t wait for 2020 to end.” But let’s thank God, 
in all circumstances

Please take a moment to give thanks with MUSTARD SEED KOBE for these 10 reasons:

“God, we thank you for…

  1. MORE CHURCHES! Mustard Seed Tokyo launched; Sendai is on the way. We were able to support both churches and are sending our beloved Reo and Naomi out to join the Sendai team.
  2. MORE WEDDINGS! The Yamamotos were married at the very end of last year (baby on the way), the Yamanakas a couple months ago, and the Yoshidas wedding is coming up this month.  
  3. MORE MEMBERS! Yes, our church has grown during COVID, including 3 precious baptisms and maybe more on the way!
  4. MORE PRAYER! Kelcy helped us launch a “prayer team,” and our staff began meeting to intercede 3 mornings per week.
  5. MORE LEADERSHIP! COVID helped us focus on developing training materials and encouraging more church members to lead discussion groups, Bible studies, etc.
  6. MORE PRAISE! Several of our church people have joined the praise band, including some new people stepping up to lead. A HUGE blessing!
  7. MORE KIDS! We’ve got several babies and toddlers now, including newborns this year for the Sawers and Okamoto’s. I love hearing more crying on Sundays! Also, our children’s ministry has grown more than ever and the teachers inform me that the kids seem more hungry for the word!
  8. MORE TECHNOLOGY! We are leaning to stay connected, reach out, and provide more options for church education and fellowship via techonology.  
  9. MORE TEAM! In the middle of the pandemic, the Whites have moved to Japan and the Kang’s just received their Certificate of Eligibility so they should arrive soon. And Rachel transferred to our church as staff from another church after marrying church member, Tsubasa. (Good job, Tsubasa!)  
  10. MORE TRIALS??!! We are thankful that no one in our church was diagnosed with the virus, but God, your protection is bigger than that: In our series on James this year, we learned to “count it all joy” when we suffer trials of various kinds. Through this pandemic we have needed to trust God’s sovereignty in the midst of confusion, and fellowship with Jesus in the midst of loneliness and isolation. May you all continue to grow in these things even more over the next months.  


Baptism in Kobe, Japan
Baptism in Kobe, Japan
Baptism in Kobe, Japan

It was a long day of trying to hold back tears for Nozomi! Not only was Mei baptized, with whom Nozomi shared the gospel every Sunday morning for several weeks, but also our own daughter, Lia, was baptized as well! Yes, there were quite a few teary eyes in our church that day. 

Mei was invited to church by Celia (pictured above), and Naomi (also pictured above) met with Lia 3 times to help discern her confession of faith.

What a beautiful work of God in our lives and in our church. Thank you for being a part!

Merry Christmas,
The West family