Resurrection Church

Financial Partnership

The purpose of the Resurrection Church Campus Ministry is:

To equip young leaders to develop, maintain, and administrate a financial partnership team that will enable them to serve as campus ministers on the staff of Resurrection Church.

The purpose of Resurrection Church is:

To evangelize college students during a very crucial time in their lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To establish these students in Resurrection Church or in other local churches in the Boulder area as the Holy Spirit leads.

All contributions to the Resurrection Church Campus Ministry fund are used to fulfill this purpose.

Why the Campus?

Change the campus, change the world

The diminishing age of salvation

Why CU Boulder?

CU is a doorway to the world

With over 30,000 students from all over the world, CU Boulder has become synonymous with worldly living. 

This is a crucial time to reach these young people with the Gospel in this influential place!