Resurrection Church

Pursued By Christ, Freed From Drugs

I grew up in a church where my family attended weekly, but a relationship with Jesus never really grew in my heart as a child.  Although I grew up believing in a God, I never knew him on a personal level, and the true power of His resurrection never changed my life.  As I got older, the lack of a strong foundation in Christ was obvious as my life turned to sin and selfish desires. I began filling my time with unhealthy habits that time after time left me longing for something greater. During high school, I began to move away from many of the moral values that had been instilled in me during my upbringing.  At this time, I began smoking marijuana regularly, and found myself struggling to know who I was.  I also had begun drinking my junior year in high school.

Both my smoking and drinking only grew worse when I left for college in Boulder.  All of these things were simply the effects of my identity being lost.  As I was trying to figure out who I was I lost sight of the fact that I was a unique special person, and instead decided to go along with what everyone else was doing to gain acceptance.  The greatest consequence of this was my loss of a relationship with God.   Knowing I needed to change, I began to experiment with spiritual practices, one of which was mediation.  At first I was drawn towards a Buddhist approach to self-enlightenment.   I had always believed in a powerful spiritual side of life, so the new age spiritualism that is common place in Boulder really appealed to me.  As I began to practice introspective meditation I found it brought me deeper into myself where I began to notice that I was falling short in life.  I knew that I need someone or something to straighten my path. 

The Lord took notice of my desire to grow spiritually, and during the spring semester I ran into a student who had come from New Mexico to share the gospel on the University of Colorado’s campus.  He introduced me to a minister with Resurrection Church who asked if I was interested in looking at the Bible with him.  That spring I was not quite ready to pursue God and explore the Bible, which I had been turned away from during my childhood.  I found every excuse to blow off the minister, but the Lord continue to pull at my heart.

The summer after my sophomore year I began to pray more often, and I really began to notice changes.  The first time I prayed to the Lord was after a trip I took to a music festival.  I came back from the trip and realized that I had overdrawn my bank account.  I remember praying to the Lord and asking for His help.  The bank ended up waiving hundreds of dollars of overdraft fees, and I was amazed how my prayer had been answered.  Soon after, I began to pray to Him more and more about different things in life.  My junior year I came back to school ready to begin to learn from the Bible.  Week after week, I continued to pray and read the Bible, and over time my life began to change.  I realized I should give my life to Jesus, but this was difficult for me still.  I remember having thought after thought that I should just do it, and not be afraid.  The biggest fears I faced were about what my friends might think, and giving up the things that I loved, like smoking pot.  Over a period of a month though pot began to become unenjoyable, almost as if the Lord was making my decision easier.  I also realized that yes it was possible some of my friends might give me a hard time, but the truth was God was good and I could trust Him.  Finally after facing my fear and deciding to trust Him, I followed through and gave my whole life to Jesus.

It was finally on October 16th that I gave my life to Jesus.  It was soon after that I began attending Resurrection Church on a weekly basis.  Immediately, my life was changed for the better as Christ entered my heart and life.  My addictive behaviors melted away, something that I was never able to accomplish on my own, and my actions became more purposeful and driven. The first week of following the Lord, I remember as being the greatest of all weeks up until that point.  Since then, God’s goodness has continued to make my life better and better. 

Since then I have continued to grow substantially with the Lord and have become an active member of Resurrection Church.  At Resurrection I met so many people who have gone onto be my greatest friends in life, and it was where I really began to grow and mature in an awesome way. I pray that I may continue to be a positive influence to those around me and can continue help our church here in Boulder to grow and lead people to Jesus!