Resurrection Church

Restoration in Christ

When I started my freshman year of college I wanted to pursue God and go to a church that worships in Spirit and truth. I remember kneeling in my dorm room and crying out to the Lord for help. Shortly after that the Lord answered my prayer. I found out about Resurrection church through my friend and I started going to church. I remember at first worship meeting at church I looked around and saw so many college students passionately worshiping God. I was awestruck and I sensed the presence of God. Later that week when I met up with the campus minister, she asked whether I had given my life to the Lord. I have never heard that in my life before but I remember her telling me that I have to surrender my life to the Lord in order to let Jesus in. I believed God existed and that Jesus is the truth. I realized I was holding back when Jesus gave everything at the cross and decided to give my life to Christ in that moment. It was the best decision that I ever made in my life because it drew me closer to the Lord. The Lord has done so much in my life since then and I would not be the same without His grace and His mercy. I was planted in the church and was discipled. There was a lot of wrong thinking that I had to let go. I had to trust that the Lord is for me and loved me and cared for me enough to work on my heart. I was broken and I had a twisted view of God, but the The Lord was so patient with me and set me free as I worked through layers of junk in my heart. I have experienced the peace of God and the comfort of the Holy Spirit. The Lord brought order in the areas of my life that were in disorder. Life in the Lord has brought me restoration and redemption in my mind, soul and body. I’m so ever thankful for His love, His patience and for the hope I have in Christ.