Resurrection Church

Returning to Christ

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I grew up in the church and I gave my life to the Lord several times as a young girl because I was afraid of hell. But when I was around 15 years old, I made a sincere decision to surrender my life to God. Unfortunately, around the time I started college, I became divided in my heart — even though I wanted God’s salvation I also wanted to live for myself. I became what the Bible calls a lukewarm Christian and as I walked this way by the time I was a Senior in college I was proud, jaded, and bitter against God.

During a visit to Mexico for winter break I went to church with my family. After the sermon, I got a chance to meet and talk with the preacher and shared that in my heart I was doubting whether Jesus was God. He offered to pray for me and he prayed that my mind will be healed and cleared, and as he prayed for me, I felt my heart begin to soften. That night as I lay in bed I prayed to God and told Him that I needed help because otherwise, I was not going to make it on my own.

During the first week after winter break, I met a minister with Resurrection Church, she shared her testimony with me and invited me to church, and I decided to go. In one of the visits, I was deeply touched by the word and God’s love for me. I realized that I could not be a Christian in my own strength but that I needed Jesus, and I decided to rededicate my whole life to Him.

Since I got saved the Lord has provided for me in so many ways and He has healed my heart and my mind.