Resurrection Church

Searching For Destiny

What it meant to have a relationship with God was taught to me at a young age.  At a Christian school that I attended, I had the opportunity to read scripture and to memorize Bible verses.  Because the word of God is imperishable seed, it stuck with me over the years.  I knew that it was right to live for Jesus, but had a difficult time understanding how a relationship with Him worked in everyday life.  There was a lack of a foundation of repentance and faith toward God.

With no strong foundation, my life became more and more shaky as I got older.  I began to get involved in things that I knew were wrong in God’s sight.  Voluntarily touching darkness had adverse consequences on my life.  A sense of loneliness and distance from God began to define my life.  By the time I got to college, I felt lost.  Sin had lost a lot of its appeal and the call of God on my life began to ring in my ears.  The truth had to be found.

Prayers began to be lifted to the Lord to send someone to me who would tell me the truth.  While asleep, dreams about eternity would shake me.  Prompting from the Holy Spirit to surrender my life to Christ became constant and increasingly irresistible.  “What if I died soon?  What if I died right now and met the Lord?  What would I say?”  These questions stirred in my soul and quickened me toward repentance.

Not long thereafter, a minister with Resurrection Church met me on campus and invited me to church.  During the first service I came to, I could sense the presence of God in a rich way.  His love overwhelmed me in such a way that I knew I could trust Him with my whole life.  On my way home after the service, I surrendered my life fully to Christ.  Tears of joy rolled down my face as I sensed the Holy Spirit come to live inside of me and lift the immense weight of sin.   Finally, I was free.  Finally, I was His.