Resurrection Church

Transformed by Christ

“I grew up in a very traditional Chinese family. Most of the people in China are atheist, and my family are too. Growing up I never believed that there is a God or in the idea of Heaven and Hell. The Chinese school system teaches people Darwin’s evolution theory since kindergarten, so I was convinced that that’s where humans come from. I always thought that when I die, there will be nothing left and the idea of that really didn’t bother me.

By the age of 17, I came to Boise, Idaho as an exchange student and finished high school there. When I first came to Boise, Idaho I lived with a host family. My host mom and host dad are extremely kind people and I have grown to become part of the family over the years. From the beginning I knew that they are Christian, and they attended church every weekend. As our relationship grew closer I started to attend church with them. At the time I thought it’s a nice family activity and, in a way, I was showing my appreciation for the family. When I heard the sermons about Jesus and God, I didn’t believe any of them. Abraham, Moses, and Adam are just fairy tales to Chinese people, and we believe that Jesus was just a nice, man-created story. At the time I thought anyone could write in the Bible, so I didn’t’ believe that the  Bible is the Word of God. When I was sitting in church, I would always argue with the pastor in my heart. I thought if people are tough enough and strong enough in their minds, then they wouldn’t need to believe in God.

My senior year of high school in Boise, I was chatting with my host mom and she started to share with me about what Jesus did on the cross. Over the course of the years, she would tell me who Jesus is and shared with me what God did in her life. My reaction was always, “Good for you, but this is not for me.” This time, like always, she was sharing her love for Jesus with me and how much Jesus loves us. She told me that the love of Jesus is like her love towards her daughter. She said “No matter what she does, I will always be on her side and never leave her. I will always be there for her whenever she needs me. That is the love of Christ for us. No matter what you have done, or wherever you are, if you ask for forgiveness from Jesus, He will always be there for you, and always be there to love you.” Something touched my heart in that moment, I wondered if there really is a God who would love us that much, and how could a person believe in Jesus so strongly without ever seeing, touching or hearing him. Since then I started to read the New testament in the Bible and actually listening in Church.

After high school, I came to CU-Boulder. As a freshman at CU, I was still wondering about God and this Jesus, so I stared to look for a non-denominational church to attend. One of my friends introduced me to Resurrection Church and I soon started to do Bible study with one of the campus ministers here. As weekly Bible studies went on, the Bible began to make more sense to me. I became more and more curious about Jesus, but the idea of giving my life to Jesus   because He gave His for me was still too much for me at the time.

It was around Thanksgiving time and my host mom came to visit me in Colorado. We drove to Church on that Sunday and she started to tell me about this book she was reading. A book about how a former member of a cult gave her life to Jesus and was freed from all the demonic activities she had participated in. The stories my host mom shared really blew my mind because I realized that a lot of the people in China are under the real influence of darkness. Young people partying, carousing, doing drugs, etc., and I was one of them. The reality of Heaven and Hell became so real to me for the first time, and I knew that if I were to die any moment, I would definitely end up in Hell. So in the car, I prayed in my heart “Jesus, If you are real, if you are really the God that people say you are, then I want to know you. Teach me how to believe in you, and please become real in my life. I want to be your people.”  After that prayer and the decision I made in my heart, I felt an overwhelming presence come to the car. It was such a strong sense of peace and calmness, something I had never felt or experienced before. I knew that it was God’s Presence. It was a moment that I will never forget in my life. Jesus truly taught me and is still showing me His marvelous love He has for me. Life has been so incredible since I gave my life to Jesus and I am so grateful for everything he has done and is still doing in my life. Now I can truly testify that Jesus really is God who loves us so much. The love He has for us is so incredible and unfathomable, that he laid down His own life for us on the cross.”